crating and shipping

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Your collections are unique and demand specialized care. Our professionals at Artist Trait will construct customized crating systems and packing services that will provide exceptional protection for your objects.

Artist Trait offers the best crating solution for each individual object. We provide crating solution for every client’s needs. From the highest quality museum crate, to the most economical one-way crate, Artist Trait offers a complete range of certified wood crate options.

Packing and Art Shipping/Handling
For over 35 years, Artist Trait has been a provider for the most important collections and objects in the world. Our experienced staff will ensure that your precious objects are packed and shipped in the most secure manner possible. Artist Trait will personally coordinate the packing and shipping of any object or collection, and provide customized solutions for every client.

Call us at 909-625-2533 to set up an appointment, or simply visit us the next time you’re in the Claremont Village. We will give your artwork the attention it deserves, and will help you to find the most suitable crating and shipping services for your unique piece or collection.