hand-crafted custom framing

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There’s nothing more important to a work of fine art, than an equally exquisite frame. After all, a poorly framed piece can send all the wrong messages about the art itself. That’s why collectors and artists trust the experts at Artist Trait to find the perfect frame for their works. We have worked with artists, designers, museums, galleries, private collectors, art consultants, and many other clients to find the most suitable framework for their unique objects. For the finest in custom framing services, trust the artisans of Artist Trait to place your cherished artwork into the perfect setting, every time.

It all starts with a consultation.

Call us at 909-625-2533 to set up an appointment, or simply visit us the next time you’re in the Claremont Village. We will give your artwork the attention it deserves, and will help you to find the perfect framed setting for your unique piece.

For examples of our craftsmanship, the below gallery shows images of our framing expertise and frame options. However, we suggest that our clients visit us so that they can more readily find the desired setting for their unique object.