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Artist Trait provides highly trained and experienced professional art installation services to museums, galleries, private and commercial clients. Our teams have exceptional technical experience and routinely manage a diverse range of installation projects. From a single work of art to an entire art collection, Artist Trait safely and professionally installs artworks of all media. We hang paintings, prints and photographs, and we install all types of sculptures and mixed media pieces.

We excel in all types of projects–large or small, simple or complex, personal or business–that demand an unique aesthetic and practical touch. With over 35 years of experience, Artist Trait possesses the aesthetic acumen to find the optimum location of artworks within a given space and its environment. Furthermore, our team of highly experienced professionals selects the proper hardware and provides safe handling of your art.

Call us at 909-625-2533 to set up an appointment, or simply visit us the next time you’re in the Claremont Village. We will give your artwork or collection the attention it deserves.